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HFB Customer Information Update

To our valued HFB Online Banking and Mobile Banking Customers:

To continue to give you the best tools possible for your online and mobile banking needs, we will be upgrading our Online Banking/Mobile system on October 31st, 2019. Please read this information carefully as there are some critical dates prior to the upgrade that will affect access to certain Online Banking functions and access.

Beginning IMMEDIATELY, we ask ALL customers to complete the form and submit their updated contact information via THE CUSTOMER INFORMATION UPDATE SURVEY BELOW  so that our records are completely up-to-date in preparation for our banking platform upgrade in late October. Without updating your information, you risk missing important information and notices regard the new login requirements for HFB Internet Banking and Mobile Banking (please refer to the FAQ’s below).

As of Thursday, October 31st  you will no longer be able to use your current Online Banking Login ID and Password to access Online Banking and the HFB Mobile App as you will be automatically prompted to change your password to meet the new, required security standards once you attempt to login for the first time once our platforms are upgraded . This means that you will be prompted to change your password to comply with our updated security settings, (please refer to the password requirements in the FAQ’s below).

If you are currently a Mobile Banking user, you will not need to delete your current HFB app in order to use the upgraded system. However, you will be prompted to accept the user agreement upon login, and must do so in order to access your account via the upgraded HFB app on October 31st.  You may also notice a change in your HFB Mobile App icon, as it will reflect the design changes to the overall app. If you are concerned that you no longer have the Mobile App on your mobile device, and need to redownload it from your Google Play and/or Apple iTunes Store, please search for Home Federal Bank Mobile App and download from there. Please be aware that this new system will still require users to first register for Online Banking Access before they are allowed account access via the HFB Mobile App.

Please review the FAQ included below. Should you have any questions about the upgrade, please feel free to contact us at (318) 841-5330 or support@hfbla.com.

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HFB Online and Mobile Banking Update FAQ

Q: Can I choose the same password I had on the previous system?

A: If your previous password meets the following criteria, you can choose it again for the new Online Banking.

Password Criteria

Must contain 3 of the 4 criteria below and must be between 815 characters.

1.    Capital Letter

2.    Lower Case Letter

3.    Number

4.    Special Character

Q: I am being asked to enter my personal contact information in a survey. What will this be used for?

A:  These contact methods will be used when the system needs to authenticate you as a user so that your Customer Support team can reach out to you with up-to-date information concerning your account, and any other notices for HFB-related information ONLY. We will never share your contact with any outside HFB.

Q: Will I still be able to view my statements online?

A: Yes.  

Q: Will previous check images be available?

A:  Yes.  

Q: Will I be able to set up automatic transfers between my accounts and make loan payments?

A: Yes.

Q: What should I do if I am having trouble accessing the upgraded HFB Mobile App after October 31st?

A: Please make sure that you have provided HFB with your up-to-date customer information so that we can help walk you through this process of gaining access to the upgraded HFB Mobile App should you encounter difficulties. Please remember that you will be no longer be able to use your same password to log into your Mobile App. For more questions about the upgrade, please feel free to contact us at
(318) 841-5330 or support@hfbla.com.

Q: Can I use the Forgot Password/Reset Password links to reset my own password?

A: This will not be necessary, as you will be immediately prompted to change your password upon your first attempt at logging into your banking platform. However, please remember that you must first have an account registered and verified within HFB Online Banking in order to access your account via the HFB Mobile App. If you have not already provided us with an up-to-date email address for Online Banking use, please go to Preferences > Update Email Address and follow the steps to register your account once you have logged into HFB Online Banking. This email address can also be used to set up to receive important notifications and alerts pertaining to your HFB account.

Click Here to Log In / Enroll in Online Banking

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at (318) 841-5330 or support@hfbla.com.


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